Build your own ring is the most liked feature in our plugin by our existing users and also in trend right now. Jewellery website without this feature/module will almost seem to be incomplete.

How does it work?

The ring builder module of our plugin in WordPress lets customers make a ring after mapping different elements required to make a ring. Needless to say that it is useful to create a necklace/pendant as well.

On the front end, the user will get customizable, efficient and easy controls to filter different elements of his/her choice.

On the back end, all you have to do is just install sample products and you are ready to go.

Additional Feature:

You also have a price control option in the back end which means you can update all jewellery products price at once.

Saves you a lot of time as the gold prices frequently update.

Why is it necessary?

Even if you don’t have a large variety of inventory, at least the customer has an option to make their own ring.

After you install this free plugin, you can also have our extension of Rapnet Integration and instantly pull product feed on your WordPress website.

You can see more screenshots here 

ring builder


Good news is that this feature is absolutely free. All you have to do is just download WBC plugin from WordPress store. Don’t need to worry about charges since we are offering all basic functionalities for free. You got to pay only if you want additional extensions like grid view and email view.

Still not sure about the efficiency of the plugin? You can check the key points here