Everything about Pair Maker

Pair Maker Feature is absolutely new in the market. And there is no other plugin in the market that offers such a feature for free.  

Pair Maker means grouping two products based on their suitability.

In short, this feature will give customers an expert guidance about what will suit on any selected item automatically.

It mixes and matches different outfits from the listed products by the admin and then gives the best recommendation. Thus creates a product bundle (pair) of the clothes.

How it Works?

It works very intelligently.

Firstly, the website visitor will make a selection of his favorite jeans or shirt/t-shirt (whatever they wish to first start with)

And then the other part of the pair has to be selected in a different way.

The other part of the pair will be shown in a way so that the user gets a perfect idea whether the selected items suit with each other or not.

You can see here screenshots.

Why is it necessary?

It gives the user a better understanding of what will suit best on what selected item. The user gets an expert recommendation (by the plugin)

The customer experiences that he is buying with the same old method of purchasing from an offline store but in a new way. User experience is highly increased by using this ‘make a pair feature.’


Good news is that this feature is absolutely free. All you have to do is just download WBC plugin from WordPress store. Don’t need to worry about charges since we are offering all basic functionalities for free. You got to pay only if you want additional extensions like grid view and email view.

Still not sure about the efficiency of the plugin? You can check the key points here.