Everything about Guidance Tool

As the name suggests, a guidance tool will be providing guidance to your website visitors based on recommendation, but how?

Guidance tool is absolutely new in the market of WordPress and probably no other plugin or plugin developer might have thought about it except Sphere Plugins. You can say that Sphere Plugins pioneered this feature.

The idea came from the problem; the problem of selling such products online that are mainly bought in a pair.

Guidance Tool is one of the creative ways for WooCommerce website owners selling inventories like home decor, fashion accessories, cosmetics etc.

As seen in the image, the suggestions are provided to the website visitor.

How it makes difference?

When you compare two online stores with and without this plugin, the difference can be seen in the store’s UI, sales, profits, customer experience, customer satisfaction, store’s reputation in the competition and much more. After all, it is helping you sell 2 items at a time.

How to setup?

Let’s consider you are selling flowers and vase online than it would be wonderful for your users if you have this feature on your site. The setting up process is very easy. If you face any difficulty in setting up or configuring the plugin, we can do that for you. There are different elements that you just need to edit as per your store. You can also follow our documentation page either.


let’s suppose you have a cosmetics store online and you are selling all the cosmetics items. The user might be confused about the lipstick colour and eye makeup. Here comes into the picture the role of guidance tool. This plugin will give the best recommendation of the matching colour or say colour pairs.

The same concept can be applied to any inventory that you are in selling online. Just like the salesman in the store gives his advice. Here the plugin gives the same expert advice.


Good news is that this feature is absolutely free. All you have to do is just download WBC plugin from WordPress store. Don’t need to worry about charges since we are offering all basic functionalities for free. You got to pay only if you want additional extensions like grid view, email view and eventually AI extension for the recommendations.

Still not sure about the efficiency of the plugin? You can check the key points here.