Entire list of APIs we support

  1. Diamond Api Integration

  2. Rapnet Instant Inventory API

  3. Glow star Diamond API

  4. Under development, you can pre-order!

  • IDEX (International Diamond Exchange)
  • MID House of Diamonds Api
  • POLYGON Vertual Inventory Api
  • GEMFIND Diamond Link Api
  • Virtual Diamond Boutique Api
  • JewelCloud Api

  5. You can also send us Request to have us support missing API

If you have an online diamond business then there are 2 options available to you:

  1. You need Rapnet Instant Inventory Account OR
  2. We provide API’s of other platforms that are free unlike Rapnet Instant Inventory.

You can choose anyone in order to get started. 2nd option is less expensive.

How it Works?

We connect to the API like Rapnet or other that you want us to use and then fetch diamonds inventory from the API and store it in your website database. Then you just have to add a markup to the diamond prices as well as we provide customizable UI to make your site look beautiful.

If you are interested or ever thought to start an online jewellery business then no time is greater than now because we have a complete solution for your jewellery website in a single module like Ring Builder, Price Control, and much more.

You don’t have to take care of little things yourself.

Rapnet Instant inventory allows you to import diamonds from global suppliers of the world into your website and lets you choose which to display and add your own price markup.


Sorry, this one is not free. You can see about pricing in detail here. Apart from rapnet we support other APIs as well.

Still not sure about the efficiency of the plugin? You can check the key points here