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BUNDLOICE (formerly Woo Choice Plugin)

Key Points

When we started developing this plugin we had two things in mind one that community lacks this plugin and second is that we believed that we can fill that gap as well as provide one of the best experiences for the front end that more and more websites happily want to have these nice features. And forever we want this plugin to be a reflection of this very idea.

Worried about quality?

Rest assured we are much concerned about stability and the final value of your websites as that is something that we learn is of highest value ultimately and is also something that gives us satisfaction.

Neat & Clean

Whether it is code or UI we assure you cleanliness. We are doing everything possible and following every standard to provide you with a neat plugin experience, don't believe check what our users say.


It matters most to us. Period. Thus we provide extraordinary free support, don't believe in us check our free support forum.

How it works?

Select the features you want
Like Ring builder or Pair Maker etc
Sample configuration
Settings and sample products
Be pleased to see it working on your website front end!

Features in Detail

Introducing BUNDLOICE
Apr 0
Apr 0

Introducing BUNDLOICE: The Renamed and Improved Woo Choice Plugin [Update 2023]

Hi there folks, didn’t see a big announcement coming? Yet, here we are. Don’t worry; it’s the pleasing one.  Introducing BUNDLOICE — the revamped, improved, and renamed version of the much-loved Woo Choice Plugin. You may wonder why the name changed, what BUNDLOICE is, whether it is any different, and a thousand other questions. Let’s just […]

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Dec 2
Dec 2

Ring Builder Feature

Build your own ring is the most liked feature in our plugin by our existing users and also in trend right now. Jewellery website without this feature/module will almost seem to be incomplete. How does it work? The ring builder module of our plugin in WordPress lets customers make a ring after mapping different elements […]

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Earring/Pendant Builder

  • Products in Earring/Pendant Builder
  • Perfect Fit for Diamonds
  • Best for Jewelry Builder
  • Recommended for Jewelry Site

Rapnet Integration

  • For Diamond/Jewelry Websites
  • Better UI
  • Supporting many other APIs as well
  • Rapnet Instant Inventory

Hierarchical Filters

  • Complete User Experience
  • Flawless Order Processing
  • Better Readability
  • Recommended for ring builder

We also provide some additional features along with the main feature at a nominal cost.
Browse our different extensions now on the link below.

Know More About WBC Plugin

What is WBC?

WBC stands for BUNDLOICE (formerly Woo Choice Plugin). The acronym WBC derived from its original name WooCommerce (product) Bundle Choice wherein the product word was kept silent for simplicity. It is a Free Wordpress Plugin that offers 3 modules in a single plugin: Ring Builder Feature, Pair Maker Feature and Guidance Tool Feature, which can be used per the nature/inventory of the website or sometimes even all-together. It is totally up to the user. You can see demo/working of all three ring builder, pair maker and guidance tool[demo coming soon].

Why WBC Plugin?

- Developed with WooCommerce & Wordpress best practices in mind

This plugin is built with best practices for developers/site owners who have their site built on Wordpress/WooCommerce. What we mean by that is this Wordpress Plugin is made with following all the industry standards and with high quality code. All 3 primary features inside this plugin are built by the experienced team. Unlike other plugins, you can expect a smooth working with minimal bugs.

- The only ring builder plugin for WooCommerce available for free

We are proud to declare that WBC is the only plugin in the Wordpress Market that offers 'Ring Builder' feature for free to WooCommerce/WordPress sites without any subscription or any kind of charge. Our core motive is to fill the gap in the wordpress plugin market because there are very least plugins available specially for jewellery websites and to help them with low budget and then after scale big as it grows.

- Gives your users an exciting experience!

It is obvious nowadays that user experience provides the main competitve edge. However building one is not so easy, so many hurdles were to be faced by the technical team in the process of making it Perfect, Smooth, Professional, Bug-free, Customer-Friendly etc. We have gone through and continously improving to deliver the right experience for your users.

- Fill the gap between you and your competitor sites

If some random user comes to your site after visiting your competitor's site then your reputation, their trust on you and the reliability to purchase from you automatically increases because of the very feature sets and neat and the professional UI this plugin gives to the site. So eventually user stays impressed with your site and it hits the user psychologically about the competitiveness of your site

- Well tested and efficient

This plugin is proved well tested and well working by our technical team and also by our existing users. Our existing users are so happy with the efficiency of the plugin that they have all rated it 5 stars. They are very satisfied with ring making feature, the diamond integration - CVD diamonds and lab-grown diamonds.

- Free of cost features like ring builder, pair maker, guidance tool and price control!

There are 3 main features of this plugin which are all free. Ring builder for Jewellery Websites, Pair Maker for Apparel Websites and Guidance Tool for any website which have inventory that can be sold in a pair/bundle. So basically you just have to install and start enabling them on your site for the users to use.

Get it Setup

The installation process is very simple. We have the documentation provided for every feature of this WBC plugin. But still, if you want us to do that for you, then we also have an installation service where in we charge just 10$ and completely set it up for you with all the customizations done.

Diamond API Integrations (This is a extension which means this one is not free)

Other than this you can have Rapnet Integration in your WordPress site to sell CVD diamond or Lab-grown diamond. This plugin supports both if you have WordPress site and Rapnet Integration extension installed/purchased along with WBC plugin installed. we also support other Diamond Apis please read below.

Entire list of APIs we support

1. Rapnet Instant Inventory API
2. Glow star Diamond API
3. Under development, you can pre-order!
  • IDEX (International Diamond Exchange)
  • MID House of Diamonds Api
  • POLYGON Vertual Inventory Api
  • GEMFIND Diamond Link Api
  • Virtual Diamond Boutique Api
  • JewelCloud Api
4. You can also send us Request to have us support missing API


Please visit sphereplugins.com to get to know about us.