1. This plugin requires WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice which is available at for free and its documentation is available here, so please ensure that you have installed it and set-up it.

2. Upload the plugin from WordPress’s plugin installation menu, by uploading at Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin -> Choose File.

3. After uploading please activate the plugin.

4. The Extension: Product Table View requires some configurations to work on the website, please follow the below steps to configure the plugin.

  • Make sure the WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice is enabled as mentioned in step 1, it’s mandatory.
  • Now go to Woo Product Bundle Choice -> Configuration -> Filter Configuration, check-mark Filter Status and Save the configurations.
  • Now go to Woo Product Bundle Choice –> Filters, add filters for the diamonds and settings if not added yet (This process will be automated in the upcoming version of the plugin to make it easier for the users).
  • Go to Woo Product Bundle Choice -> Table View, in the section add more fields to add new fields by selecting the field from dropdown options and clicking on “Add new field”.
    • This section will allow you to add new columns to the table(By default price, title and image are included to the table).

5. All setup is completed, you can check out the diamond page by clicking on the “Start With Diamond” button from the two ring builder button widget on the home page. If the setup is done properly the diamond page on your site will look something like this.