Is it really free?
I'm looking for an additional feature.
I want a feature customized/upgraded as per my needs.
I'm using another CMS/MVC framework like Shopify, Magento, Laravel etc., not WordPress/WooCommerce.
I want to discuss something or have a specific question.
Performance and availability of my site are highly critical and thus I'm worried about reliability and speed.
I'm concerned about communication, responsiveness/attentiveness and custom support.
I have got a site which is already running and well-set so concerned and worried about breaking it.
Ring builder, jewellery or diamonds sites

I need advanced features for Ring builder.

- I want free WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice -- don't worry you will get all basics.

- I want premium WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice -- crafted specifically for small companies/businesses.

- I want pro Sphereplugins.com -- a must for established businesses.

Which Diamond APIs do you support?

- Rapnet Instant Inventory API

- Glowstar Diamond API

- In process to start supporting a bunch others very soon.

- Please request us , if you want any particular Diamond API to be supported.

Pair maker, clothing sites

What exactly is pair maker?

It is a unique tool that we developed and we felt that it is a much-needed tool for clothing websites.

How AI is powering up the pair maker?

Pair maker AI model is hosted on our servers and plugin calls our API services to harness the power of AI model and help admins power their websites with the recommendation. Note that the AI model is trained with a clothing dataset in general as well as we are in the process of moving the AI model from development research to beta stage.